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"Just Wanted To Drop You A Line to express our thanks for a great fishing experience. George and Rob have Never Been Ona Guided Trip Before And Told Me they had a great time! I Personally Want to extend my thanks for an awesome time fishing with you. I have been on many GUIDED TRIPS over the years and would definitely recommend your services to anyone who is looking for good fishing experience in the keys. I will be back… for George's wedding and will be contacting you for another fishing trip! Again thanks for a great experience

"Karin and I wanted to say thanks one more time for a wonderful afternoon. We sincerely enjoyed our trip and I really can’t thank you enough for helping Karin. We’ve created a monster. Best wishes for a prosperous New Year
Warmest Regards,
Dan & Karin"

"Thanks for 2 great days of fishing....
Jay Boone
Brentwood, TN"

"Last year Alex, 16 now, caught that monstrous tarpon on light tackle and we still wish we could have had it mounted!!?? Anyway, Alex and I have been talking about fishing with you since we left …
Pete and Alex"

"Thank you sooooo very much for taking us out fishing… that grouper was awesome!! Your courtesy and consideration are greatly appreciated!! .... Once again, many thanks,
Soosie Sirmons"

"… the hogfish and also the Goliath Grouper are pretty cool. Thanks again for a great time fishing. We'll look forward to seeing you next spring.
-Clayton and Devon-"

"Hope you are well. Here are a couple of photos of the snapper and one of the sharks… We had a great time. Look forward to some more fishing...
Nigel Gardner"

"I hope everything is good with you. And i will say thanks to you for…the lemonshark you helpd my son Fredrik to catch. I hope to come back next year with my family and go fishing with you again. Many thanks from
Joacim from sweden"

"… fishing with you was a definite highlight of the trip – Thanks so much. … will look you up for all my shark fishing needs!
Marilyn Wellman"

"When our trip ended and we were on the plane home, I asked the girls what their favorite part was (since I organized the whole thing!).   Unanimously, it was the fishing day! They all loved the experience … You really outdid yourself … to make our day fantastic. Thank you so so much.
Kass Patterson"

"Thanks again for a great trip out … had a terrific time, hope to be back for more!! Take care & have a great season!
Maureen Edwards (Denver) &
Scott Kirby (Virginia"

 "My wife and I fished with  you on our honeymoon this past June ... and you put us onto a lot of fish (including a 300 lb. Bull shark). … even though its late, thanks for the great trip in June.
John Policarpo"

"Dan, just wanted to take a moment and thank you for an outstanding experience you provided for Matt and Mike last Monday. The weather wasn't ideal, but you made the best out of it and Matt had the catch of his life (all 13 years of it so far!) He really enjoyed it and learned a few new things as well... You did a great job and we will remember you for next time!
Julie Simmerling"

"Hi Dan, I was out with you last Fall and had a great trip - lots of fish, then more fish just as promised. I have another set of friends coming into town and would like to repeat... what my friends from California consider the best day ever spent in Florida. Cheers,
Sean Morton"

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